Sometimes we need to get a vehicle from one BUDGETCATCHER branch to another and when we do, we offer Budgetcatcher lovers like you amazing prices, just to take our wheels from A to B!
Actually where is your located? In Chiang Mai? And you would like to take a car down to Phuket? Don’t be hesitate to contact us to get best deals for your amazing road trip from North to South or South to North. At Budgetcatcher, we plan your ultimate road trip to help you discover extraordinary places, book hotels, and share itineraries all from the map.
BudgetCatcher’s One Way Car Rental is designed to give you the freedom to tour Thailand at your own pace, we currently offer this service via our Chiang Mai and Phuket Offices with more to come. As we are a small flexible family business we can make other arrangements should you require them.

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