Your Budgetcatcher Car Rental Insurance – Simply Explained.

What insurance policies are offered by BudgetCatcher?

At BudgetCatcher we always have First Class Business Insurance included: Comprehensively covering the vehicle, the driver, passengers and also third party liability. We select not only the companies that provide the best level of cover, but also the ones that deal with accidents and claims, quickly and efficiently.

A fully comprehensive insurance is absolutely necessary for any rental car in Thailand. It covers damage caused by the driver’s own fault. Excluded are damages caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct (e. g. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – If you leave your car to warm up unattended and it gets stolen – Refueling with the wrong type of petrol). Our policy covers all windows in the vehicle, including the windshield, side windows, rear-window, lights and mirrors. Tyres, roof and Vehicle’s frame & undercarriage is covered 100% by BudgetCatcher’s fully comprehensive insurance as well.

Also included BudgetCatcher’s Liability Insurance – protects you and all authorized drivers against third-party injury and property-damage claims with sufficient coverage. In case of accident BudgetCatcher has its own service team, we’re proud to offer you personal attention around the clock. Just give us a call – we are on the spot.

On top, you have sufficient coverage for hospital stays for all injured persons. However, we recommend the purchase of adequate travel medical insurance for all overseas travel (e. g. AXA, Alliance, ADAC), that you always could get the highest standards of quality health care in case of accidents.

Our theft protection limits your financial exposure for loss of the Vehicle if it is stolen or if it is damaged because it is subject to an attempted theft or the Vehicle is subject to an act of vandalism whilst the Vehicle is left parked unattended during your rental. BudgetCatcher’s insurance policy has a deductible 20.000 Thai Baht (approx. 600 Dollar). Our insurance will not protect you in the following circumstances:
• If the Vehicle is stolen or damaged because of your negligence as a result of keys being left in the Vehicle whilst it is unattended or having been delivered to an unauthorised person; any failure by you to return the keys to us or if you left the Vehicle unlocked when you weren’t using it.
• Theft of or damage to personal related goods or possessions and any goods being transported in or on the Vehicle.

Do I Need to Purchase Extra Rental Insurance?

No – Select BudgetCatcher Insurance and have peace of mind during your car hire. With our full insurance cover you need to leave a small deposit only 5000 Thai Baht (approx. 150 Dollar) and no need to worry about additional excess. With this full insurance you will be fully covered and also includes damages to the undercarriage, tyres & windows. Unfortunately, some rental shops still try to sell unnecessary insurances to customers. BudgetCatcher’s All-In-One package is excellent value; You’re in an accident? No worry. Your deductible in case of personal negligence is only 5000 Thai Baht. If third parties are at fault, your deductible is even waived. With this insurance you can enjoy a full cover for any eventuality that might occur during your car rental with us.

Need to add Additional Drivers to your car rental?

Whether you’re embarking on a lengthy journey, or just want to take turns driving, BudgetCatcher gives you the option to add additional drivers to your rental. So grab a friend, relax and enjoy the ride. You can now add as many drivers as there are seats in your rental car. Ask your BudgetCatcher representative about adding an additional driver to your reservation at the BudgetCatcher counter.

Need help reserving a car from us? BudgetCatcher Car Rental welcomes questions and concerns related to car reservations. Call 0876 – 22 77 99.