PROMOTION Mitsubishi Mirage GLS 2015

This car is not available.

PROMOTION – Discover Chiang Mai in 1 Month Rental

Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and jungle, Chiang Mai is an adventure lover’s paradise.

Popular with digital nomads and backpackers alike, Chiang Mai has a ton to offer! Head into the hills and go rafting, mountain biking or zip lining. Hike through the jungle and spend time with hill-tribe villages or explore on your own with Budgetcatcher’s Eco Car Mirage.

Besides being Eco-friendly with amazing fuel efficiency of 25km/L, the Mitsubishi Mirage ensures that you will always get a remarkable driving experience. Its compact body allows the car to easily weave its way in and out of tight spots while still providing amazing leg and head room for up to five adults and loaded with features that make driving a totally enjoyable and safe experience.

It’s the best-in-class fuel economy and a very affordable rental rate, Mirage isn’t just a fun choice – it’s also a smart one. Definitely, the best way to get around!

Enjoy great rates on monthly rentals starting 427 Bath/Day only.

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