Chamcha Cafe Chiang Mai – A great family friendly place to hang out with kids in Chiang Mai.

If you’re looking to dine out with nature all around you for a refreshing change of scenery, you can do it in one of the coolest nature cafes in Chiang Mai!

Chamcha Cafe is designed in the style of a tree house, anywhere you sit, you are surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaped flowers. The view of the mountain in the background is just stunning on a clear day, especially if you sit on the top level of the cafe.

Chamcha Cafe has a great big western style playground and a classic wooden one too. The entire structure has a sandy base to keep little ones safe and places for parents to sit while the kids’ imaginations take off. There are see-saws and swings too, but our favourite has to be the trampoline!

Best time to come here is on the weekend during lunch break. Let your kids play while enjoying coffee and cakes. The café is also an ideal venue for birthday parties and other events.

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