Dirty Cars

Sometimes Social Media and Reality are not the same, here one example:


Someone forgot to close the doors during driving.

Customer wrote: “A car came from the side and throw some mud on one side of the car”.
Dirty cars


This is not from a rubber tree, this is a tar damage.

Customer wrote: “When we returned the car they said that we parked near a “rubber tree”.
Dirty cars

To polish the car took 2 hours with 3 persons by a special car care company called Power Wash.


We got a bill of 2000 THB for Bug and Tar removal. Lucky we got a discount 1000 THB, because we charged our customer only 500 THB.

Customer wrote: “That is bad business, a ripoff and a scam! If it really was rubber tree we would gladly pay the fine.”

Dirty cars

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