Don’t be afraid, You’ll get that deposit back!

Select Budgetcatcher Insurance and have peace of mind during your car hire. With our full insurance cover you need to leave a small deposit only 5000 Thai Baht (approx. 150 Dollar) and no need to worry about additional excess. With this full insurance you will be fully covered and also includes damages to the undercarriage, tyres & windows. Unfortunately, some rental shops still try to sell unnecessary insurances to customers. Budgetcatcher’s All-In-One package is excellent value; You’re in an accident? No worry. Your deductible in case of personal negligence is only 5000 Thai Baht. If third parties are at fault, your deductible is even waived. With this insurance you can enjoy a full cover for any eventuality that might occur during your car rental with us.

Need help reserving a car from us? Budgetcatcher Car Rental welcomes questions and concerns related to car reservations. Call 0876 – 22 77 99, 0876 – 22 99 33