My Veggie Day in Chiang Mai

Start your veggie day and cultural adventure with a delightful breakfast at Jay Ming Kwan Suan-Dok Vegetarian Restaurant, known for its vegan options.

Fantastic variety of veggie dishes, all very tasty in their own way. They put some rice on a plate and then I point to 3 of the 10 or 15 options behind the glass counter. Every time I’ve been in, there are different options so I never really know what I’m getting but I’ve never been disappointed.

Delicious options in a welcoming clean environment. And not so touristy here! The prices vary from 40-55 baht ($1 – $1.5) which is amazing. We all know how expensive breakfast is in the US or Europe, so I believe Chiang Mai is still one of the cheapest and safest cities in the world!

It is the perfect way to fuel your body to set you up for success for the day!

If you wanna go to Jay Ming Kwan Suan Dok – click HERE!

Jay Ming Kwan Suan-Dok Vegetarian Restaurant