Optional Extras & Add-Ons for your Car Rental.

BUDGETCATCHER makes renting cars extremely convenient, allowing you to enhance your experience with some attractive add-ons and optional extras. Once you have selected your high quality BudgetCatcher rental car you can opt for additional extras and services to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

Free Additional Driver

Yes, it’s free! BudgetCatcher allows you to share the driving responsibilities with other friends and family members in your top quality rental car. One of the joys of renting a car is that it enables you to travel, explore and experience new locations. However, if that becomes tiring, with BudgetCatcher’s Additional Driver add-on you can pass the joy of driving to one of your travel companions. Let BudgetCatcher satisfy your car rental needs with our great deals and excellent add-ons.

Baby Seats, Child Seats & Booster Seats

BudgetCatcher offers their renters to add booster, child and baby seats to their bookings. These seats will protect children while they are in the car and mean you don’t have to carry yours from home. They are very well padded, providing both safety and comfort for little ones. Make sure your next vacation runs smoothly and stress free by adding safety seats for your children to your rental booking. Keeping your kids safe for 50 THB a day only!

Tourist Prepaid SIM Card – 30 Days Unlimited

Why wasting time in long airport lines to get a Tourist SIM card?
Why spend hours hunting from one telecom provider to another on vacation?
Just book online your 30-Days-Unlimited Thailand SIM card for 599 THB only!
Simply add your Thailand SIM card with one click when booking your car or scooter rental through our website and get connected now! Read more: Click here!

Pick up full and return low

What could be more convenient than a car rental without the need to refuel? Our pick up full and return low special allows you to pick up your rental car with a full tank and return it with a low tank level. BudgetCatcher knows that when you rent a car you want a seamless experience that satisfies your mobility needs. Whether you are organizing an important business trip or a fun getaway we want to give you the means to continue your journey with the most convenience. As part of our endeavors to make our premium car rental as easy as possible, BudgetCatcher lets you keep simple with our pick up full, return low prepaid fuel option.

How does it work?

When you book your BudgetCatcher car rental, prepaid gas is an extra you can select while making your reservation online or through our other channels. Our prepaid fuel option offers the possibility to buy a complete filling of the tank at a cost on par with local prices at the pump. This way you can return your rental vehicle with an empty tank and get a better deal on gas. A rental car with prepaid gas comes with a discount, that compared with our normal refueling rate. No refunds, however, are given for unused fuel.