Phu Langka Forest Park – Beauty of Chiang Kham County

Have you guys plan for next weekend yet?
Phu Langka is calling.

Phu Langka Forest Park is a famous tourist attraction of Chiang Kham County and Pong County, Phayao Province.
It takes about 4 hours drive from Chiang Mai to Phayao.
Phu Langka Forest Park is a must. You can see lots of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests, the highest mountain is Phu Tewada (about 1,720m high), a perfect spot for fog seeing during winter. There are also home stay and places to camping, and next to the place there is one cafe called Magic Mountain. You could see the mist and an amazing view overthere.

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Enjoy many activities and visit all of these minor spots of the forest park:

1. Doi Phu Nom : This is a narrow mountain ridge, which starts from Doi Lanka. The atmosphere is amazing. Perfect for sunrise and fog seeing.
2. Doi Phu Langka : Here is another narrow mountain ridge. You should fully charge your camera battery, as you will want to get up there, see the stunning scenery of the kingdom of Laos.
3. Doi Hua Ling : Hua means “head” and ling means “monkey”, together means “monkey head”. This mountain looks like a head of a monkey.
4. Phu Langka Waterfall : Go on a romantic escape with your special someone indulging in a private picnic for two in the beautiful Thai jungle with the views of a local waterfall.
5. Million-Year-Old Stone Lot : If you want to take your photos with beautiful flowers as backgrounds, get to this spot.
6. The Sky Stone : This is a very high stone sticking up to the sky. It’s on the peak of Doi Phu Langka. Go and feast your eye with this. It’s so high.
7. The Ancient Forest : You’re gonna love the atmosphere there. This is where you can admire many species of herbs, wild plants, and birds. You should get your camera ready.

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