Payment Methods for your Car Hire at Budgetcatcher.


Yes that’s right car rental without a credit card, not everyone carries plastic and many find when traveling cash is a better. All our cars are available for rent without a credit card. Of course we also accept all major credit cards so the choice is yours.

BANK TRANSFER FOR EUROPEAN COUNTRIES – Best Way to Keep Your Money Safe Before Traveling.

Changing money to Thai baht is an issue riddled with bad exchange rates, handling fees and hidden costs, which can give travellers a sore head and lighter wallet.
For all European Countries Budgetcatcher offer German Bank Account for making your payment transfer now easier with us. Make your online payment in EURO by using IBAN/BIC for free and safe money transfer. Don’t waste time and money during standing in long lines at airport banks trying to exchange your money with bad rates anymore!

MAKE PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL – A Fast, Easy & Secure Option?.

With PayPal’s money transfer services, you can safely send or transfer money, make online payments and pay online in multiple currencies. Budgetcatcher charges a flat fee of 1.9% per transaction.


We offer several Thai bank accounts making your online payment convenience.

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