Road Trip from Chiang Mai to Nan

Let’s get out from Quarantine to Nan!

Budgetcatcher would suggest one of the most real natural and cultural in Thailand:

Nan, located in the most eastern part of Northern Thailand in the valley of its namesake river, is a charming little town with a unique historical centre, abundant waterfalls and no less than seven national parks!

Surrounded by the spectacular misty mountains of Doi Phu Kha National Park bordering Laos, Nan is a place where you will find many old temples and teak wooden houses, where foreigner tourists are rare and people still enjoy the traditional slow lifestyle of the Northern Thai people.

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To really explore Nan and make sure your trip isn’t rushed we recommend staying for 2 nights in the town and 4 nights in the countryside. That way you can experience everything this wonderful province has to offer.

Such a good drive from Chiang Mai to Nan!

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