TrueMove Happy Tourist SIM Card – 30 Days Unlimited

This service, powered by BudgetCatcher, is for independent travellers who buy prepaid 30 days Thailand Tourist SIM card from TrueMove.

Why do I need a Thailand SIM card?

Can you imagine a life without being connected? Not being able to open Google Maps for your Northern Thailand road trip, unable to order foodpanda or Grab, or finding a nearby restaurant around Chiang Mai City? Life is just so much easier and definitely when you are somewhere new and not familiar. Also in case of emergencies when your bank card isn’t working, all these kinds of things. Simply stay connected, it will make your trip to Chiang Mai much easier!

Why a BudgetCatcher SIM card?

Why wasting time in long airport lines to get a Tourist SIM card?
Why spend hours hunting from one telecom provider to another on vacation?

Just book online your 30-Days-Unlimited Thailand SIM card for 599 THB only!

Simply add your Thailand SIM card with one click when booking your car or scooter rental through our website and get connected now!

Buying a prepaid SIM card and installing it takes just a couple minutes while picking up your rental car or scooter, and you are all set with the fastest 4G|5G network connection and a lot of data for little money!

What will you get from us?

  • Your own Thailand mobile number valid for 30 days – Stay Connected with Family & Friends around the World.
  • Unlimited Internet valid for 30 days. Enable Google Maps, foodpanda, Grab, mobile banking, and all other popular Apps you need for your amazing Thailand trip.
  • Unlimited Call to all Thailand networks valid for 30 days.
  • Included Free Phone Holder for your rental car or scooter.
  • There’s no need to return your Thailand SIM card after returning your rental car or scooter. When the 30 days period is used up, the line will be automatically cut off. If you would like to use your Thailand number longer, just contact BudgetCatcher before 30 days end.


Keep in mind that a Thailand Tourist SIM card will only work in an unlocked phone! So make sure your phone is unlocked when you travel to Thailand if you want to use a local prepaid SIM card. If you are not sure about this contact your provider in your home country!


TrueMove Happy Tourist SIM Card – 30 Days Unlimited