Koh Kho Khao – Hapla Beach Cottage

Koh Kho Khao is a little-known island with empty beaches of classic beauty. The beaches here are so good that it is somewhat surprising that this island is not better known. The backpackers missed it.

Finding the side road to #KohKhoKhao that leaves Route 4 a few miles South of Takua Pa (Phang Nga Province) is just a little tricky. The crossing from the mainland to Kho Khao island is a 15 minutes ride by small car ferry, which runs throughout the day, departing whenever a few cars arrive.

Adventure is a word that is so often used, but does anyone REALLY know what it means? Today we’ll find out.
4 Steps to enrich Your Life:

1. Shut down your Smartphone, Google, GPS, Agoda and any Social Network. Take a digital time out. Don’t let others run Your Life! Discover your own paradise.

2. Making breakfast the biggest meal of the day before moving to your next life’s adventure.

3. Using Cash only. Cash is great for limiting your spending. Traveling is a life-changing adventure that most people dream of but many don’t act on.

4. Buy 1 six pack of beer. Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place. In case of wrong turns beer may help…???

Koh Kho Khao is an island 16 km long, with an average width of 4 km. Extensive mangrove swamps line the east coast. In good weather the water is clear and the beach is indeed excellent for swimming. The view along the beach shows little but empty sand, sea, trees and perhaps a few dots that represent distant human beings. This could definitely make an ideal romantic escape for a couple who need no entertainment except for each other.

Finally I found a really nice resort called #HaplaBeachCottage. The resort is located just 50 metres from the sea. It offers a beach restaurant, bar and nice bungalows with a balcony. Just perfect for me and my new 6 little friends…

Enjoy the Silence. Peace!